Thankful Notes

Early this morning I laced up my grey New Balance sneakers and ran along Lake Michigan, passed the preschool my son did not get into (bummer), and finished at Dairy Queen (happy thoughts).

Running is my alone time.  I listen to music, no one is calling me “mom,” and it is my time to think.  Today’s running thoughts were about being grateful, which is linked to living a happy healthy life.  

So, here it goes: 
I am thankful for this new blogging journey that is such a positive experience (Thanks, Sara).  Thankful for my prince charming, my husband, who took our kids to the local pancake breakfast this morning so I could run off last night’s delicious wine, salmon, double dipped chocolate peanuts, and key lime pie (Happy Birthday, Carrie).  Thankful for my loving family’s support.  Thankful for my brilliant and hilarious friends’ encouragement and ideas.  And thankful for everyone who has subscribed to www.healthfulleverafter.com.  Pass the blog along!

One last grateful thought.  I am thankful for my children who are the reason this blog exists.  It is their childhood adventure that makes my life a fairy tale. As I came downstairs this morning my son surprised me in the pantry with a handful of Hershey Kisses.  He asked me if we could bake cookies using Hershey Kisses today.  OF COURSE!  Check in later to see what healthy recipe I can stir up with Hershey Kisses!  Get messy!  Have fun!  And eat healthy!      

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