Homemade Granola

During my teenage days (long ago), the high school I attended was considered “granola.” While I owned multiple pairs of overalls and danced my way through a few Phish concerts, thankfully, I never mastered dreadlocks. 

Today, the only granola in my life is sprinkled over plain Greek yogurt with berries or for my daughter’s snacks.

Most granola sold at the supermarket is expensive and high in sugar. However, granola can wear a healthy seal of approval if the amount of sugar in it remains low. This morning my son wanted to bake chocolate chip cookies, but it was 6am! Instead we baked healthy, easy, and yummy granola. 

Granola on the baking sheet before baked.
A healthy breakfast or snack! 
    You can customize the granola's nuts and dried fruits according to your family's tastes! Get messy! Have fun! And eat healthy!

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