After litigating over twenty jury trials, I decided to give staying at home with my two children a chance.  The change to mommyland was quite a different speed compared to a courtroom.  My true passion was always baking and cooking.  

Growing up, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen watching my mom cook and bake.  I picked up her traditions and recipes when I went off to college.  During stressful times in my life, I turned to baking as a way to relax.  After losing my father when he was only 58, I became determined to live a healthy life. 

Now raising my own family, their health is my top priority.   Being a parent is a much harder job than I ever imagined.  Just one of the many concerns is taking care of my family’s health.  Between going back to work part-time, driving carpools, and chasing after my children, I don't have lots of time to spend grocery shopping, preparing, and cooking so I created quick and simple recipes, all with a healthy twist. 

For my son’s first three years, it was a struggle to get him to eat fruits and vegetables.   Being a health nut, his eating drove me crazy.  However, once I started involving him in the cooking process, he wanted to experience the taste of the different foods he was helping to prepare.  I almost fell over when he requested roasted broccoli!  Including your children in the cooking process, whether it is choosing the recipe, organizing the ingredients, or stirring the vegetables, is the magical ingredient behind them eating healthier.  Their curiosity will overshadow their fear of something new!

I cannot wait to share the easy delicious meals packed with nutrients that I have created for my family to your family!  I truly enjoy having everyone I love in the kitchen!  I created this blog and wrote a family friendly easy to use cookbook to get you and your family into the kitchen too.  Get messy!  Have fun!  And eat healthy!  

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