Granola Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

Granola is not just for breakfast! It tastes delicious in one of my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes. This recipe is healthier than the typical chocolate chip cookie, but I promise, it tastes just as decadent! And with it being summer, my kids turn these cookies into ice cream cookie sandwiches! This is super fun to make after camp and super fun to eat for dessert! Get messy! Have fun! And eat healthy!

Granola Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cookie Recipe


1 ½ stick unsalted butter- softened
1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce
½ cup white sugar
3/4 cup light brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla
2 eggs
1 cup quick oats
2 cups or 4 servings of Jolly Oak Granola in Nut Free Dark Chocolate Coconut Raisin
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 tsp baking soda
½ tsp sea salt
1/2 cup chocolate chips
Your favorite ice cream flavor
Toppings for sides of cookie: sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, mini M&Ms, etc.


1.)  Preheat oven to 375 degrees. 
2.)  In a large bowl, mix butter, applesauce, white sugar, brown sugar, and vanilla.  Add eggs, oats, granola, flour, baking soda, and salt.  Mix.
3.)  Add chocolate chips. 
4.)  Bake cookies 12-15 minutes or until golden brown. Allow cookies time to cool before making them into ice cream sandwiches or the ice cream will melt once it touches the hot cookie.
5.)  Leave desired ice cream flavor out about 15 minutes before planning to make the sandwiches.
6.)  Using a spoon, scoop out ice cream and cover one side of cookie with ½ inch thick of ice cream. Top ice cream with another cookie.
7.)  For extra kid fun and a mess (sorry!), on separate plates, pour out toppings for the sides of the cookies- rainbow sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, mini M&Ms, and coconut flakes, etc. Have fun making up your own!
8.)  Roll each cookie so that the ice cream is covered.
9.)  If not eating right away, use parchment paper on a baking sheet or in a container so cookie sandwiches don’t stick and place cookies into freezer until ready to eat!


Healthy Turkey Burger Recipe

Summer brings lots of BBQs and burgers! I love all kinds from the typical greasy cheeseburger, healthy veggie burger, and my favorite, a turkey burger! Here is my stand by turkey burger recipe that will satisfy any burger craving.

My kids get SUPER messy with this recipe! I let them do all the hard work by using their hands to mush and mix the ingredients together and then form the perfect patties. It is quite entertaining to watch and a great pre-dinner activity! Get messy (sorry this one is really messy)! Have fun! And eat healthy!

Ingredients- serves 4

1 ½  lbs ground white turkey breast
¼ cup seasoned breadcrumbs
½ red onion- diced
¼ cup ketchup
4 slices Swiss cheese or American cheese
sea salt to taste
pepper to taste


1.)   In a big bowl, mix together the meat, breadcrumbs, onion, and ketchup.
2.)   Make 4 patties and season both sides with salt and pepper. 
3.)   Use an outdoor grill or grill pan indoors and cook both sides of the burger until cooked through.
4.)   Top burger with cheese until it melts if desired and finish off with your favorite burger fixings such as avocado, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard, etc.


Healthy Fruit & Yogurt Popsicles

I haven’t tried this recipe for Fruit and Yogurt Popsicles yet, but it is our morning activity to enjoy for later this sunny afternoon! My kids love when I put them in charge of recipes. They are always entertained using the blender and watching it crush everything. Creating their own popsicle is going to be a fun and healthy treat! No scary Red 40 ingredient usually found in popsicles here!

For a fun bonus, allow your kids to use their imagination and put out a variety of sweet additions for everyone to make their popsicle their own. I am thinking rainbow sprinkles (for my daughter), mini chocolate chips (for me), and crushed Oreos (for my son)! Get messy! Have fun! And eat healthy!

What flavor popsicles did your family make?

Fresh Fruit and Yogurt Popsicles


2 cups your kids favorite fruit- any berry or bananas work great
2 cups vanilla yogurt or plain yogurt
¼ cup honey
½ cup Rainbow sprinkles or mini chocolate chips or crushed Oreos- you pick!!

10 small Dixie cups- 4 ounce size
10 wooden sticks


1.)  In a blender, combine fresh fruit, yogurt and honey until smooth.
2.)  Fill paper cups about ¾ full and cover each cup with aluminum foil.
3.)  Poke a stick through the center of the foil of each cup.
4.)  Make room in your freezer and freeze for at least 5 hours.
5.)  To serve, defrost for about 5-8 minutes and then peel off foil and cups.


3 Easy Recipes for July 4th!

For July 4th summer fun, here are 3 quick, healthy, and delicious recipes!

My first recipe is for Watermelon Salsa. For our family BBQs, rather than the typical tomato salsa, we use refreshing watermelon. Besides its fresh taste, it takes less than 5 minutes to prepare! You will love the vibrant pink color and dipping the savory tortilla chips into this sweet salsa!

For the main course, fire up the grill! This Grilled Lemon Chicken with Rosemary is easy and delicious. My children always ask for seconds! Let your kids squeeze the lemon juice onto the chicken while preparing and make it rain lemon juice. This light chicken dish accompanies any grilled veggie side or salad.

In keeping with the easy theme, I have included a 4 Ingredient Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookie for dessert. My kiddos cannot wait to help bake and then eat them! Get messy! Have fun! And eat healthy! Happy 4th of July!

Watermelon Salsa recipe:
½ cup watermelon- chopped
½ cup red onion- diced
1 avocado- peeled and chopped
1 lime- fresh squeezed juice
1 tbsp fresh basil- shredded
salt and pepper to taste


1.)  Combine all ingredients into a bowl.
2.)  Stir.
3.)  Serve along side tortilla chips.

Grilled Lemon Chicken Recipe:

Ingredients- serves 4

4 6oz chicken breast cutlets
2 lemons- fresh squeezed
1 tbsp sea salt
1 tbsp pepper- freshly grinded
2 tbsp dried rosemary


1.)  In a medium size bowl, place all 4 chicken breasts. 
2.)  Squeeze the juice of both lemons on the chickens until they are drenched in lemon juice. 
3.)  Thoroughly sprinkle on salt, pepper and rosemary. 
4.)  Allow chickens to marinate for at least 15 minutes or as long as 1 hour.
5.)  Grill for 10-12 minutes, flipping chicken over to other side half way through, or until cooked through.

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe:

2 cups crunchy peanut butter
¾ cup white sugar
1 egg
1 tsp baking soda
Baking spray


1.)  Preheat oven to 400 degrees. 
2.)  Combine all ingredients into a mixing bowl until smooth.
3.)  Place 1 heaping tbsp of batter onto greased cookie sheet about 1 inch apart.
4.)  With the back of a fork, flatten slightly- about a quarter of an inch thick. 
5.)  Bake cookies for 10-13 minutes or until cookies appear golden brown around the edges.